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   One Time

Drop-in Class


Payments are deducted from your

account on a monthly basis.

  • Monthly payments 

  • A DDA T-shirt

  • 3 Month commitment


Total Cost $39.99/month

No commitment. The cost for a drop-in class is $20. Give us call or shoot us an email, to let us know you're comingI


Total Cost $20

Monthly Membership


Sign-up in class or in person for Monthly Memberships

Yearly Membership

Tired of worrying about your monthly payments?

  • No more monthly payments for the entire year!

  • Sign-up fee in waved

  • A DDA T-shirt

  • Bring 3 people on us for the year


Total Cost $399 (2 months free)


Liftime Membership

We are eliminating the monthly membership payments forever!

  • No more monthly payments

  • Sign-up fee waved

  • DDA T-shirt

  • Bring one person a month for free (must be a different person each time)

  • 10% of bookings

  • Membership Gold Card


Total Cost $1200

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Double Dutch Aerobics Studio

2030 Bolton Road, NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

You're probably saying to yourself,


A.) " I haven't jumped in years"

B.) " I never learned how to jump, I'm not coordinated" 

C.) " This class looks like so much fun, we gotta do it".


We hear you, and based on our experience, here's what we know. Once you know how to jump, IT NEVER GOES AWAY and if you never learned how to jump, our highly trained Double Dutch Aerobics Instructors can teach ANYONE, including you, how to jump in less than ONE minute. That's right folks, there is No Jumping Experience Necessary to take our class. We recommend that you experience a Double Dutch Aerobics class at least once, because its the most fun you'll ever have in an aerobics class and there is nothing else like it.  And did we mention that you will burn 500-700 calories per class? Yup, we've pulled out all stops to help you reach your fitness goals. Double Dutch Aerobics, Fun, Fitness, with a splash of Nostalgia.



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